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Lieutenant Kina Hena

Name Kina Hena MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 37
Date of Birth 4/1
Place of Birth Botswana, Africa

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 135 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Kina is small- yet muscular- and dark-skinned with long black hair that is usually kept in braids to keep it from flying all over the place. Her face is round with a very slight point to the chin, making it vaguely heart-shaped. She is thin, yet well curved.


Children Adopted son: Andrew Ying-Hena, age 6
Father Eko Hena, age 64
Mother Makena Yaboah-Hena, age 60
Brother(s) Yemi Hena, age 28
Heath Harris-Hena, age 13 - ADOPTED
Sister(s) Penelope "Penny" Harris-Hena, age 13 – ADOPTED

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kina is soft-spoken and polite, but can get very vocal, very fast when the situation requires it. She is open-minded, but firmly planted in her beliefs, though you'd be hard pressed to find out what they are without asking. She keeps few close friends, but is friendly and open to anyone who approaches her. On occasion, she has been known to become a bit sassy, though not enough to be accused of disrespect. She has a quick wit with knowledge to back it up, so sometimes, her sass isn't always understood by everyone.

She has a thirst for knowledge that keeps her open to knew ideas. She is not above asking for assistance when she feels she is in over her head and will take advice from anyone who is more experienced that she is.
Strengths +She has a way of relating to people that instantly relaxes them.
+Very good with children
+Is quick to ask for help when she needs it and is open to advice.
Weaknesses -Doesn't let people get too close.
-Can sometimes come off cold and clinical, especially when concentrating
-Doesn't always think before speaking
Hobbies & Interests Reading, playing guitar, singing, Entomology (the study of bugs), Yoga, sports

Personal History

Personal History Born in Botswana to two doctors, Kina was around medicine from an early age. She and her younger brother Yemi knew the names of the tools their parents used before they knew the names of the different animals found in Africa. There was nothing cuter than Makena asking her daughter for an optical scanner and the 5-year-old locating the correct tool and bringing it to her, at least in the minds of the patients.

Football (soccer to the Americans) was a favorite past time for Kina, Yemi and their friends. They would play barefoot in the dirt roads and backyards, having to real goals and just sort of kicking the ball around between them.

When Kina reached the age for secondary school, she was sent to a private boarding school where she made two life-long friends and was talked into trying out for cheer leading. She had a policy of never saying no to a first date- because if they had the nerve to ask, she could at least have the nerve to say yes- but rarely went out with the same boy twice. Only one managed to keep her interested through three dates, but in the end, Kina decided that dates took too much time.

She took up the guitar when a friend received a new one for her birthday and gave Kina her old one. Kina took to it quickly and within a few months, had started a “jam session” where students could gather and just play and sing to their heart's content.

At the start of her final year of secondary school, Kina was torn between attending Harvard Medical or Starfleet Medical. She'd been accepted to both, but could not decide which direction to take. Her parents encouraged her to go to Starfleet because there was much more opportunity for her there. In the end, she decided they were right and enlisted in Starfleet.

While at the Academy, she held with the same dating policy, but the first boy who asked her kept her occupied for the whole of her student career. Zack was the closest Kina ever came to marrying, but he graduated from Engineering school and was whisked away on a galaxy class ship. Kina decided it was just too much trouble to try to keep things going, so she and Zack decided they'd drop it back to friends unless they were ever found near one another again. She still talks to him from time to time.

She graduated third in her class and her parents cleared their medical clinic's calender so they could watch her walk in commencements. Yemi, her brother, was enrolled at Harvard, but he, too, came to see his sister graduate.

While on the Kilimanjaro, the ship took in a group of orphans to be transported to the Star Base. Kina soon found herself drawn to one little boy who seemed able to pull her heartstrings. She applied to foster him and only three months later, was granted full custody. Her parents adopted a pair of twins from the same group.

Now, she is heading towards the Arizona and looking forward to the challenges of running the medical department as well as raising a small boy.

Prof. History

Service Chronology Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Medical School
USS Crimson Appolyon, Internship
Star Base Excalibur, Residency/Pediatrician
USS Kilimanjaro, Assistant CMO
USS Arizona
Service Record Kina joined Starfleet as a way to see the universe. She had never been off Earth before and decided this was the best way. She opted to become a doctor like her parents because she had tagged along with them so much that she figured she may as well use the knowledge she had gained form them.

After graduating third in her class, she completed her internship on the USS Crimson Appolyon and her residency on Star Base Excaibur, where she also served as ACMO. From there, she was sent to the USS Kilimarjaro where she served a short time as the ACMO before being offered the position of CMO of the USS Arizona.

Medical History