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Commander Paul Toddman

Name Paul Simon Toddman

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36
Date of Birth 23 January 2352
Place of Birth Edinburgh, Scotland

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 185 LBS
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Human. Average, well built, muscular.


Father Gene Toddman - Deceased
Mother Margaret Toddman - Deceased

Personality & Traits

Strengths Incredibly resourceful with weaponry and very proficient with other combat-oriented tools displaying an ability to improvise if needed. Has a very sharp eye for combat situations.
Weaknesses His reliance on his ability to read the battle can sometimes cause Paul to take an unexpected course of action ... this has on occasion lead to him to disobeying orders if he feels he will have a better chance of success doing things his way
Hobbies & Interests Paul’s passion for his homeland of Scotland has been known to cause him to wear traditional Scottish Kilt attire at special events, often breaking into song with the family bagpipes.

Is not shy in admitting his taste for real scotch whiskey ... he has a sizeable collection of vintage malts ranging from traditional earth whiskey to outlandish sorts from Qo’nos, Romulus and Bolia

Personal History

Personal History Paul was born in Edinburgh to Gene and Margaret Toddman. They soon after moved to New Dunfermline, in Fife, Scotland where Paul grew up. He attended his local primary school - Robert Burns Primary and went on to attend St. Andrews High School. As soon as he met the Starfleet Academy entrance age he applied for his entrance. He passed the entrance exam first time and graduated fourth in his class. Paul's father was killed when the ship he commanded was destroyed at Wolf 359. His father was one of only thirty crew members to be killed aboard the U.S.S. Normandie NCC-56098.

Tragically, his mother was killed when her ship was destroyed by the Dominion in the taking of the Chin'Toka system near the end of the Dominion War. Paul was aboard at the time and escaped with two hundred others in escape pods.

Since then Paul has more or less lived on his own and spent a lot of his time learning the arts of hand to hand combat and the use of bladed weapons. At the age of sixteen Paul decided he wanted to join Starfleet and make his skills a tool of his trade. Security was a natural choice for him and so he enrolled into officer training at Starfleet Academy with the Security Corps. Rising to the position of Chief of Security, Paul took the opportunity to expand his skill set and took on a Chief of Operations position where he studied and passed all the courses required to hold such a position. He later combined his tactical and operations knowledge as a Strategic Operations officer. Paul has also served in the role of 2XO and XO at various times. After the Dominion war, Paul opted to take the shoreleave he had accumulated over several years on unbroken service to Starfleet and enjoy some time back on Earth.

Prof. History

Service Chronology Enrolling to Starfleet on September 23, 2368, Cadet 1st Year Paul S. Toddman, having completed the general studies course with a sufficient passing grade, progressed to departmental study in the security and tactical sphere.

Completing the necessary subjects and electives such as shipboard security systems and military tactics, Cadet 4th Year Paul S. Toddman, attaining a sufficient final grading and placement in just above the upper quartile earned a good initial assignment.

Upon graduation, in 2372, a graduated Ensign Paul S. Toddman was, due to an increasing need for fresh personnel, assigned to the Nebula Class, U.S.S. Lancelot NCC-74410. It is at such an assignment where Paul S. Toddman has advanced. Earning the rank of Commander, Paul S. Toddman currently serves as Strategic Operations Officer.
Service Record 2372 - USS Lancelot - Ensign - Security
2373 - USS Lancelot - Lt. JG - Deputy Head of Security
2374 - USS Lancelot - Lt. - Deputy Head of Security
2375 - USS Lancelot - Lt. Com. - Head of Security
2378 - USS Lancelot - Lt. Com. - Chief of Operations
2379 - USS Lancelot - Lt. Com. - Strategic Operations officer/ 2XO
2380 - USS Lancelot - Cdr. - Strategic Operations officer/ XO
2381 - USS Saturn - Cdr. - Strategic Operations officer
2386 - Earth - Extended Shoreleave granted
2388 - USS Arizona - Cdr. - Chief of Operations


Security: aikdo
Security: jiu jitsu
Security: advanced hand to hand combat
Security: intermediate weaponless defense tactics
Security: intermediate escape and evasion
Security: basic search and rescue
Security: field medic

Tactical: Starship Combat tactics - Intermediate
Tactical: Starship Combat tactics - Advanced
Tactical: Field Engineering - intermediate
Tactical: Survival training - Basic
Tactical: Survival training - Advanced
Tactical: Survival training - Distinction
Tactical: Starship manoeuvres - Advanced
Tactical: Starship manoeuvres - Distinction
Tactical: Hand held Weapons Attack and Defence - Intermediate
Tactical: Hand held Weapons Attack and Defence - Advanced

Operations: Starship Operations - Basic
Operations: Starship Operations - Intermediate
Operations: Starship Operations - Advanced
Operations: Starship Operations - Distinction
Operations: Warp Systems - Advanced
Operations: Starship support systems - Intermediate
Operations: Starship support systems - Advanced
Operations: Transporter Operations - Advanced

Command: Human Resources - Intermediate
Command: Interspecies Communication and Mediation - Intermediate
Command: Bridge Crew Resource management - Intermediate

Engineering: Warp Theory - Basic
Engineering: Damage Control - Intermediate
Engineering: EPS and Plasma distribution - Basic

Shuttles: Flight laws - Basic
Shuttles: Flight training - Basic
Shuttles: Flight training - Intermediate
Shuttles: Flight training - Refresher course 2381
Shuttles: Flight training - Intermediate 2386

Medical History

Medical Profile Starfleet Medical Addenda: File Report (Extract): Lieutenant A Thompson

Commander Paul Toddman is in immaculate physical condition, although it is recommended that he exercise at more frequent intervals, albeit on duty or otherwise. Various injuries over his career have left his shoulders in a ore fragile than normal state, although this does not seriously affect his hardiness and or ability to carry out physical tasks.
Psychological Profile StarFleet Medical Addenda: Psychological Analysis (Extract): Cdr. T'Por

Lieutenant Commander Toddman, as one would expect having served so close to the StarFleet institution possess an unwavering loyalty to the principles governing the Federation, a characteristic he has mastered to balance when on-duty and off-duty. He is a relaxed and humorous individual and evidently confident in his abilities, especially in situations requiring complete focus. He additionally is passionate about his homeland, Scotland on Earth.


Misc Notes Has propensity for practical jokes.